Lighting upgrades

More electricity goes into keeping the lights on than for any other reason in the commercial building sector. Lighting upgrades are the perfect way to introduce your business to energy efficiency and are a financial no-brainer for most building portfolios. 

Lighting efficiency projects offer the quickest payback, have an exceptional useful life, and promote safety.

Money returning and indicating payback

Quick payback periods

Lighting upgrades typically have a 2-3 year payback period, making them one of the most popular energy efficiency upgrades in commercial real estate. The exact ROI for your lighting project will depend on:
  • your current lighting technology
  • the hours of operation for your lights
  • your current electric rates
  • your desired lighting technology replacement
  • what utility rebates are available
A clock with an arrow going up indicating useful life and a wrench with an arrow going down indicating low maintenance

Exceptional useful life

Energy efficient lighting technologies are rated to last upwards of 15 years and require minimal maintenance throughout their life. 
A bar chart with a money sign and an arrow pointing up along with a lock symbol superimposed onto a shield indicating safety

Curb appeal and safety

Lighting upgrades are not strictly for indoor applications. There are many outdoor upgrades that can improve outdoor aesthetics while enhancing visibility at night.

Why choose EVA Green Power for your lighting upgrades?


Honest quotes

We replace only what is necessary

A well-designed lighting retrofit should make financial sense. We work with your available resources to hand over an honest quote.

Qualified engineers

We specialize in energy efficiency

We're no ordinary lighting specialists. Our team of trained engineers understand building codes, applied lighting design, and safety to ensure a smooth project completion.


Expert advice with incentives

We can help you qualify for utility incentives

California public utilities offer some of the most extensive incentives for a variety of commercial projects, including lighting.