Solar Energy Monitoring and Reporting Tools

Our state-of-the-art proprietary energy monitoring system is built to help you get the most out of your clean, low-cost energy

Everything you need to keep track of your solar system's performance, all in one secure platform


Review Real-time Analytics

Insightful data of your site's savings

We love business intelligence too. Our system automatically analyzes your monthly energy demand against utility tariff modeling tools to deliver a monthly energy savings report. Say goodbye the cumbersome task of manually calculating energy savings.


Monitor your System 24/7

Reliable monitoring where it matters most

Running equipment at full-capacity is crucial, but ensuring you are getting the most out of your building’s systems without monitoring is easier said than done. Our monitoring tools can connect to virtually any equipment type, giving you the visibility you need to gain optimum system performance.


Discover Straightforward Billing

Tenant energy billing made simple

Discover quick and painless tenant billing structures that can be integrated into any common lease structure. Whether you are a part of a single-net, double-net, triple net, modified gross, or something in between, we got you covered.