Tenant Power Program

Finally, a solar program made just for commercial tenants

As a commercial tenant you can now power your premises with clean, lower cost electricity. We take on the full investment and management of the solar array. You simply buy electricity from a clean source at a fixed lower rate. Perfect for single tenant and multi-tenant premises.

  • No investment required

  • Clean power at a fixed lower price

  • No obligation when you vacate

What is the Tenant Power Program?

How it works

Moving Out?

Step Four

When you decide to vacate the premises, EVA Green Power will remove the solar array.  There are no fees, obligations, or penalties.

Energy Assessment

Step One

We  assess your current electricity use and cost to determine what size system your premises needs and how much you will save on electricity costs.


Step Two

We coordinate with the building owner to install the solar array for your premises.

Begin Saving!

Step Three

Start seeing lower monthly electricity bills from the utility company for as long as you occupy the premises.

Features to help keep your energy costs in control

No upfront investment

All our Tenant Power Program solar installations are available with absolutely no capital outlay from your business.

Immediate cost savings

Solar provides energy at a fraction of the cost of traditional utility services, meaning immediate savings to your monthly electricity bill.

Protect against future rate increases

Did you know? Electricity services for commercial sector have experienced drastic increases over the past few years. Say goodbye to uncertainty, hello stable electricity prices.

Support your green initiatives

Whether you're just starting out or have a list of internal sustainability goals, solar can support your path to better business practices.

Stay connected to the utility grid

As an added layer of protection, we keep you connected to the utility grid. That way, you never have to worry about a loss of productivity.

Free solar system maintenance

Enjoy peace of mind. We do everything we can to make sure you're running at optimal performance. We will make any necessary repairs at no cost.


Tenants and owners, big and small, have reduced their operating costs with EVA

We deliver clean, low-cost power to businesses that sell products of all kinds, from financial services to award-winning hair care products.

How Can Your Business Benefit?


Top questions from owners and tenants