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EVA Green Power can assist your organization with a variety of projects that reduce energy use, increase revenue, and support sustainability initiatives.

Electrical men checking air conditioning unit
	Engineer technician using laptop checking and operating system on rooftop of solar cell farm power plant, Renewable energy s

EV Charging and Energy Efficiency

EV Charging Station Design and Installation
Lighting Design and Installation 
HVAC Design and Installation
Building Management System Upgrades
Building Portfolio Baselines
Energy Audits

Energy Efficiency Analysis
Electrical Engineering

Portfolio Feasibility Study

Solar and Batteries

Rooftop Solar Installations
Carport Solar Installations
Ground Mount Solar Installations
Feasibility Studies
Electrical & Structural Engineering
System Monitoring 
Utility Interconnection Applications
SGIP Applications
Net Energy Metering
Virtual Net Metering

Energy Resiliency Analysis and Design

Contact EVA Green Power to discuss your project.

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