Purchase Solar System

With rising electricity prices, solar is a perfect way to take back control of your building's energy expenses. We design, build, and manage custom solar systems to fit any need.

We offer best-in-class solar solutions using the highest design standards in engineering.

1. Rooftop solar
2. Ground-mount solar (parking lots)

How it Works


Step One

We assess the building or grounds and present you a long-term indexed lease.


Step Two

We design and install the system. A typical installation can be done in as little as 90 days.


Step Three

Enjoy low-cost sustainable energy.



While every property is different, most properties can accommodate solar. For example, some properties are better suited for carports and some are perfect for rooftop systems. Our electrical engineers can help you determine what type of system is best suited for you property.


Support Your Green Initiatives

Whether you're just starting out or have a list of internal sustainability goals, solar can support your path to better business practices.


Enjoy Stable Electricity Prices

Did you know? Electricity services for commercial sector have experienced drastic increases over the past few years. Say goodbye to uncertainty, hello stable electricity prices.


Improve Your Property Valuations

Solar instantly improves your property valuations. This is because appraisers know lower energy costs translates into real market value.